Orbis Ireland
Annual Impact Report


Welcome from our Chairman

Like everyone, we experienced a whole range of emotions last March as we began to absorb the full implications of the coronavirus pandemic. But, like so many we were forced to respond to the fast-changing situation by learning, planning and adapting quickly.
Our project in Ethiopia was initially affected as hospitals responded to the pandemic by suspending services and reallocating staff for COVID-19 patients. However, by capitalising on non-lockdown periods and working with local governments to find COVID-secure ways to sustain eye care services, the orbis Ethiopia team still managed to have a considerable impact. And in late 2020, Orbis Ireland funded the delivery of almost a million doses of antibiotics to fight blinding trachoma in Ethiopia.
We’re proud that even in an uncertain world, Orbis has continued to help save the sight of people already facing enormous challenges in the pandemic. But, as treatment backlogs continue to mount and so many lives remain precarious, we have more work than ever still to do.
We’ve been humbled and inspired by you, our supporters, as we’ve weathered this storm. You responded with astonishing loyalty and flexibility.
In an extraordinary year of challenge for all of us, we are proud to report Orbis found ways to respond, innovate and create impact with remarkable outcomes.
So please stay tuned, and if and when you can, we hope you’ll consider continuing your support of our work. Millions of people are counting on us – and us on you. 
Thank you!
Maurice Cox
Chair - Orbis Ireland

“On behalf of our trustees, supporters and everyone we work with, I would like to thank the Orbis team in Ethiopia, who overcame all the obstacles the world threw at us in an extremely challenging year and just kept going. We are all hugely grateful for their unswerving dedication and hard work.”
Maurice Cox, Chairman

Who we are
& what we do

Orbis is an international charity and leader in the global fight against avoidable blindness for nearly four decades.
Our Vision

To transform lives through the prevention and treatment of blindness

Our Mission

With our network of partners, we mentor, train and inspire local teams so they can save sight in their communities.

11 billion people in the world live with visual impairment

9090% live in low- and middle-income countries

5555% are women and girls

9090 million are children and adolescents

Our work changes the way the world sees...
  • We provide specialist training and equipment for doctors, nurses and local eye care teams.

  • We carry out screening and treatment programmes and support the distribution of antibiotics for controlling trachoma.

  • We raise awareness and inspire communities about the importance of eye health.

  • We strengthen and improve eye health services by partnering with local hospitals, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and governments.

  • We work with partners in eye care teams – from health workers in rural clinics to eye surgeons in urban centres – so together we can save and restore vision, ensuring no-one has to face a life of avoidable blindness. 


Orbis Ireland is an affiliate of Orbis International, which is based in the USA. Along with six other affiliate offices, we work with other country offices to fund, develop, and implement local projects.
The vast majority of people that are blind and visually impaired live in developing countries. And older people, women and those living in rural and disadvantaged communities are particularly affected. We focus on where the need is greatest – in Africa, Asia, and Latin America and the Caribbean. 

Our Global Reach

Headquarters in New York

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Countries we work in

Eliminating avoidable blindness is one of the most cost-effective ways of fighting poverty. Orbis works to ensure everyone has sustainable access to quality eye care, no matter where they live.