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Specialist Training

Working with our partners, we share skills, knowledge and expertise to support local eye care teams in developing their skills and capacity. 

With a growing, ageing global population, specialist training is critical. Every time someone is trained, many more benefit – the eye care workers they train in turn and the many thousands of patients they all see. 

Orbis medical volunteers are at the heart of specialist training. 

Through programmes in hospitals, onboard the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital and online, they train ophthalmologists, anaesthetists, nurses, biomedical engineers and others to help realise our vision of eye care everywhere.

The Orbis
Flying Eye Hospital

The Orbis Flying Eye Hospital is a one-of-a-kind ophthalmic teaching hospital on board a customised MD-10 aircraft. 
Unfortunately, due to ongoing travel restrictions, the Flying Eye Hospital was again unable to travel internationally in 2021. However, we have continued to optimise the latest digital technology to conduct training sessions remotely. 

In 2021, the virtual Flying Eye Hospital

....delivered 10 remote courses
...to eye care professionals in 34 countries, including Ghana, China and Mongolia, and across Latin America.
...with more than 635 eye care professionals attending these training sessions, which included traditional lectures, webinars and a virtual hands-on simulation.


In a year full of extraordinary challenges, Orbis leaned on our history of innovation. By embracing the power of technology in a new remote world and having the incredible generosity of our volunteers and supporters, we were able to quickly adapt and keep our fight against avoidable blindness going strong.
Staff and volunteers pivoted quickly to focus all the Flying Eye Hospital's training and broadcast facilities on remote learning. Using Cybersight, our award-winning online training and mentorship platform, we saw a dramatic increase in take-up by eye care professionals keen to enhance their skills despite coronavirus restrictions.
Through Cybersight, we trained 26,041 eye care professionals in 192 countries and regions.