The Global State of Vision

Orbis has made great strides in the fight against avoidable blindness. We have helped to dramatically slow a tripling of blindness that was projected over the next three decades. In 2017, blindness was projected to triple to nearly 115 million people by 2050. Now it is projected to reach 60 million.
Despite this progress, eye care needs remain urgent and are rapidly growing.
To keep pace with demands, Orbis needs to scale our impact and reach – and that was before the pandemic emerged. The effects of COVID-19 have the potential to set back our hard-earned gains, meaning more people may lose their sight because of avoidable causes, if we don’t continue our momentum.


338338million people are blind or have moderate to severe visual impairment

7777% is avoidable

9090 Million children have vision loss

including 22 Million who are blind

9090% of people with vision loss live in low and middle income countries

5555% of people with vision loss are women and girls


In 2020, vision impairment resulted in an estimated loss in economic productivity of 345345 billion

€1 invested in eye health in low and middle income countries is estimated to yield an economic gain of €4

Together, we can build a world where no one lives without sight because of avoidable causes.